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12 Tomboys Who Turned Into Super Hot Celebs

Parents tend to freak out a bit when their little princesses act more like little princes. But while some little girls like to wear baseball caps, grass-stained jeans and run around outside rather than playing dress-up and watching Disney movies, parents need not worry. Here’s a list of 12 super hot celebrity women that started out life as lively little tomboys.

12. Keira Knightley



Nowadays, Kiera Knightley is known for her deliciously sexy long legs, doll-like lips and all-around ladylike-ness. But as a child Kiera was quite the tomboy and refused to wear a skirt until she was 14 years old! Though she’s long become accustomed to lavish evening gowns and expensive accessories, the sexy celeb confessed to The Guardian that she still prefers a man’s shirt over girly getup.

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