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15 Celebrities With Unlimited Credit

The American Express Centurion Card (a.k.a the “Black Card”) was first issued in 1999 and it is the most exclusive credit card in the world. The issuing company is very strict about who gets the right to become a part of their super special club. Lucky people who are offered black card status receive this invite-only card fully loaded with a wide array of benefits including preferred status with airlines, hotels and lounges and even personal shoppers and travel agents. Moreover, the black card is attached to a concierge service – there is a team of expertly-trained staff ready to answer AmEx Centurion members’ questions and requests any time of the day or night. The current annual fee is $2,500 and members are charged and additional $7,500 “initiation fee”. We wish we could get our hands on one of these amazing cards too!

15. Noel Gallagher


News that the vocalist of Oasis had been given a black card spread quickly during a 2009 interview, when he pulled it out, telling the journalist: “I don’t mean to be f***ing rude but I do own a black AmEx card that has unlimited credit and cannot be denied anywhere. I could walk into a showroom selling Boeing 747s and, regardless of whether I could afford it, they’d have to accept the card.”

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