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15 Things You Don’t Know About Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s career started when his mom, Patricia Mallete, posted a video of her piano-playing son’s sultry voice on the Internet. Talent manager, Scooter Braun, spotted Bieber’s video and knew he had to get in touch. Young Justin was an overnight sensation with his first single “One Time” and has since dominated the charts with his many musical releases. Since his childhood entry into the industry, Justin’s life has been on display for the world to see. From making a movie to getting arrested, fans claim to know everything about Bieber and his antics, but here are 15 things you might not know about the youthful star.

15. Usher turned Bieber down initially.

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While it may be true that Usher played a big part in helping little Biebs’ music career take off, what you probably don’t know is that Usher’s initial reaction was not such a positive one. The eight-time Grammy Award winning artist was not convinced hearing about Justin’s popularity and had to be shown the videos of Bieber multiple times before he decided to get involved. Good thing he did, since Bieber went on to win numerous awards over the following few years.

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