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19 Crazy Facts About Bill Gates Mansion

With a the highest net worth in the United States of America- $79 billion to be exact- Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates is the one of the richest human beings on the planet, leaving greats like Warren Buffet ($62B) and Larry Ellison (47.5B) in the dust.

It’s fair to say that Gates makes the most of his wealth and though much of it is spend on top-level medical research centers and charitable causes, he’s still managed to spoil himself rotten with the most lavish and ingenious “smart” home in the world. Decked with tech, dusted with luxuries and dubbed “Xanadu 2.0”, the 66’000 square-foot Gates residence perches on the edge of Lake Washington in Medina, Washington and is worth more than you can imagine.


1: Xanadu 2.0 is worth about $155M.

It's worth at least $123 million today.

Source: BI

According to online real estate company, Zillow, the Gates estate has an estimated value of $154,286,409. This whopping figure means Gates pays around $1 million in property tax alone each year. The Microsoft magnate bought the land for a meager $2 million in 1988.

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