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5 Reasons That Pretty Much Everyone Loves Matt Damon

Matt Damon

Why does everyone love Matt Damon? We are not sure how to answer this but we do have a few ideas. Here are 5 possible reasons why Matt Damon is so loved by everyone!

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Top 7 Richest Reality TV Stars Ever

cheryl cole

Reality TV is not for everyone. But even the haters have to admit that reality tv shows can be as successful as sitcoms and everything else on TV. Here are 7 reality stars who are among the wealthiest in the world!

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Top 7 Richest Musicians

Wouldn’t it be great to make money while doing something you love? Many have found a way to do both. Here is a list of musicians who are the top earners in the industry:

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6 Actors Who Will Always Be Known For One Role

Sacha Baron Cohen

Some actors can easily slide into a number of different roles. It is as simple as taking off one mask and putting on another. Other actors find it a bit harder to shed one role because the fans just can’t forget it. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how successful the movie was and ...

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15 Female Nerdy Characters Who Are Actually Super Hot

Everyone knows that Hollywood’s standards of beauty are just a little bit unrealistic. But while Hollywood is actually trying to make these women ugly and nerdy, the truth is they’re all just absolutely beautiful and it’s hard to hide. Check out our favorite, most gorgeous nerdy TV beauties!

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Hot To Not: 8 Celebs Who Lost Their Looks

Val Kilmer

If you think celebrities are immortal gods, here’s a post to prove you wrong. Just like us, they have their ups and downs, stresses and pressures, and things aren’t always as peachy in real life as they might seem on screen. These 8 celebrities have been known for their good looks, but are they still just as hot today? You ...

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7 Hollywood Actors Who Are Hardcore Vegans

Whether you think it’s just a fad or are a serious follower yourself, its clear that many Hollywood A-listers have become major vegans in the past few years. Here are some you might not expect!

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Celebrities Who Were Homeless

Suze Orman

It’s easy to forget that before they were rich and famous, most celebrities were just as strapped for cash as many of us have been. What you might not realize is that some of them were once even homeless. Here are some amazing stories of well-known celebrities who spent nights on the streets  and begging for their next meal, before ...

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5 Celebrities Who Committed Crime

Mark Wahlberg

While celebrities often seem to get off with lesser sentences when it comes to their crimes, it’s perhaps a bigger punishment having the whole world know all about it! From pretty crimes to bloody murder, here are 5 celebrity crimes you didn’t know about!

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The music industry is never constant. It is always changing. The type of music that is dominating and the artists who keep us entertained all year round is never the same. It is hard to predict the next few international stars who will prove themselves to the world. But we can try! Here is a list of 7 rappers who ...

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