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13 Hollywood Celebs Who Are Not Fond Of Wearing Undies

Hollywood Celebs Who Are Not Fond Of Wearing Undies - Erica Mena

It’s no secret that celebs love showing off. In fact many of them are willing to do just about anything to get a bit of attention. Prom PR stunts to total hiccups, stars sure to know how to make the headlines. Here are 13 famous peeps who know how to catch your eye…and believe us, you’ll have a hard time ...

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11 Celebrity Selfies Revealing How They Really Look Without Makeup

11 Celebrity Selfies Revealing What They Really Look Without Makeup...Get Stunned!

Are you as sick as we are of seeing so many photoshopped, airbrushed images of celebrities all over the pages of magazines? Well here are some photos that will refresh you! These bold celebs, who live under a microscope, have posted photos of themselves without make-up to prove that they’re just as human, and as naturally beautiful, as the rest ...

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15 Female Nerdy Characters Who Are Actually Super Hot

Everyone knows that Hollywood’s standards of beauty are just a little bit unrealistic. But while Hollywood is actually trying to make these women ugly and nerdy, the truth is they’re all just absolutely beautiful and it’s hard to hide. Check out our favorite, most gorgeous nerdy TV beauties!

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14 Female Celebrities With Flirtatious Tattoos

There is nothing hotter than gorgeous girls with serious ink. Except inked up girls who happen to be A-list celebrities! Here are some of the sexiest girls in Hollywood, displaying their tattoos for the world to see!

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6 Reasons Why The Whole World Is Freaking Out About This Mexican Weatherwoman

Mexico has been in the news plenty over the last few years, but rarely for any positive reason. Now, Yanet Garcia is single-handedly changing that! Recently labeled “The Hottest Weather Girl on the Planet,” Garcia has gained over a million Instagram followers thanks to her habit of posting sexy photos of her beautiful bod. Ready to see for yourself why ...

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17 Best Celebrity Maternity Fashion

Pregnancy can be a tough time, especially when you’re feeling frumpy and disheveled from all those sleepless nights and eating for two! But here are 7 celebrities who know how to make that baby bump beautiful on every occasion!

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11 Celebrity Virgins Who Are Waiting (or Waited) for Marriage

celine dion a new day has come

Did they really save themselves for marriage? Many famous men and women have decided to stay, and did remain, celibate until they got married. Some of these celebrities were virgins and sported the prettiest promise rings you can imagine. Are any of these celebrities a surprise?

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Top 13 Most Undeniably Attractive Models with University Degrees

cindy crawford 90s

Whoever says you can’t be smart and beautiful has got it all wrong, and here are 13 of the world’s hottest models to prove that point!

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20 Celebs Who Look Best With Short Hair

The days of long, flowing, girly locks are gone, and we enter into the age of sexy A-line bobs, sexy little pixie cuts and shoulder-length waves. Here are some of our favorite celebrity ladies who look utterly fabulous with short hair styles!

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15 Hot Celebs Who Have Played “Ugly” Roles

Anne Hathaway – The Princess Diaries

Movie stars set the standard for beauty all over the world, and the ones in this list are no exception. However, Hollywood is not always glamor and glitz, and sometimes actors have to take on some truly ugly roles. Here are some of the world’s most gorgeous actors and actresses looking…well…not so gorgeous!

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