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7 Non-American Actresses That Are Taking Over Hollywood

Agent Carter

With their beautiful accents, classy cultures and incredible acting skills, these 7 stunning non-American women are taking the movie and TV industry by storm! Some of them are clearly not from the US, while others do amazing jobs of hiding behind convincing American accents. In fact we bet you didn’t know one or two of them were even from abroad! ...

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6 Actors Who Will Always Be Known For One Role

Sacha Baron Cohen

Some actors can easily slide into a number of different roles. It is as simple as taking off one mask and putting on another. Other actors find it a bit harder to shed one role because the fans just can’t forget it. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how successful the movie was and ...

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8 Major Roles Leonardo DiCaprio Turned Down

DiCaprio as Spider-Man

Oscar winner (finally!) and all-round awesome actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, has starred in countless roles from a mentally disabled teenager to a mysterious and obsessive millionaire. But there are few huge roles that you’ll be surprised to hear dear Leo turned down. Here’s a list of who he could have played!

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Daredevil Actresses Who Perform Their Own Stunts

Piper Perabo

Never again let it be set that women are the weaker sex. These 7 brave beauties have not only starred in some of Hollywood’s greatest box office hits, but even did most of their own dangerous, sometimes death-defying stunts! Read on to see who these tenacious talents are!

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11 Celebrity Virgins Who Are Waiting (or Waited) for Marriage

celine dion a new day has come

Did they really save themselves for marriage? Many famous men and women have decided to stay, and did remain, celibate until they got married. Some of these celebrities were virgins and sported the prettiest promise rings you can imagine. Are any of these celebrities a surprise?

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13 Famous Celebs Who Were Adopted

These days it might like adoption has become a bit of a trend among celebrities, but what you don’t know is that many of today’s biggest celebrities were actually adopted themselves. Here’s a list of some of the ones you haven’t heard about, and some might come as quite the surprise!

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15 Hot Celebs Who Have Played “Ugly” Roles

Anne Hathaway – The Princess Diaries

Movie stars set the standard for beauty all over the world, and the ones in this list are no exception. However, Hollywood is not always glamor and glitz, and sometimes actors have to take on some truly ugly roles. Here are some of the world’s most gorgeous actors and actresses looking…well…not so gorgeous!

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Hollywood Stars and Their Stunt Doubles

megan fox teenage mutant ninja turtles

Whether they’re swinging from building to building by a thread, skating the streets of New York City or pounding adopted alien brothers with massive hammers, its hard to believe our favorite actors and actresses don’t even do all the acting themselves. While the actors themselves are busy collecting their Oscars and Golden Globes, we’ve been busy putting together this list ...

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13 Great Movies of 2015


The year 2015 was a huge year for the booming movie industry. We saw great releases that covered just about every genre from sci-fi fantasy and action to drama, comedy and thriller. Some of them wowed us while others were a bit of a flop, and one even earned Leo DiCaprio his Oscar (finally!). In case you missed out on ...

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All-time Greatest and Upcoming Emma Watson Films


Whether or not you’re a Harry Potter fan, we’re certain you’ve heard of the talented and sweet Emma Watson. Born on April 15th 1990, this bright young star began her acting career at just 11 years old. Her ten-year acting stint in the Harry Potter films earned her huge international recognition, a massive fan base and millions in her bank ...

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