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14 Celebs That Totally Disappeared From Hollywood

1. Jack Gleeson

Jack Gleeson as Joffrey Baratheon


Ah, the infamous King Joffrey! The most despicable of all the Game of Thrones characters until Ramsey Bolton hit the scene! Even though we all hated Joffrey’s weasley little guts, we have to admit that the young and talented Jack Gleeson did such an amazing job of his Game of Thrones death-by-poison that it gave us all the feels at least a little bit. And also made us terrified of what horrifying kinds of vengeance Queen Cersei was about to inflict on whoever slipped the poison into her son’s cup! Wondering what happened to Gleeson after Joffers drew his final shuddering breath? Actually the budding young actor decided that the grueling hours and demanding lifestyle of an actor weren’t quite for him so he’s now off studying for his graduate degree in the UK! Who’s a clever boy?

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