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Kim Kardashian

14 Celebrities Who Are Also Amateur Porn Stars

We all love hearing the juicy gossip about the world’s most famous celebrities. And what’s ...

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arnold schwarzenegger

10 Famous Actors Turned Politicians

As the presidential elections draw closer and political tensions rise, we’ve decided to sit back ...

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Top 11 Most Beautiful WAG’s That Have Careers of their Own!

When you’re a rich, famous and good looking professional athlete, it’s fair to say you’ve ...

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Conan O'Brien wife

12 Celebrities Who Married Their Fans, Because Life Really Can Be That Good

It’s the ultimate dream of every celebrity’s biggest fan but quite literally a one-in-a-million chance. ...

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Rob Riggle

11 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were United States Marines

Though many of these celebrities are no longer ‘mainstream’, it’s important to forget the ways ...

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Piper Perabo

Daredevil Actresses Who Perform Their Own Stunts

Never again let it be set that women are the weaker sex. These 7 brave ...

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17 Best Celebrity Maternity Fashion

Pregnancy can be a tough time, especially when you’re feeling frumpy and disheveled from all ...

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celine dion a new day has come

11 Celebrity Virgins Who Are Waiting (or Waited) for Marriage

Did they really save themselves for marriage? Many famous men and women have decided to stay, and ...

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cindy crawford 90s

Top 13 Most Undeniably Attractive Models with University Degrees

Whoever says you can’t be smart and beautiful has got it all wrong, and here ...

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20 Celebs Who Look Best With Short Hair

The days of long, flowing, girly locks are gone, and we enter into the age ...

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Health & Fitness

8 Famous Celebrities Who Suffer From Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a major problem that is affecting millions of men each year, and ...

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Renee Zellweger

23 Incredible Celebrity Transformations

The entertainment industry is a daunting and stressful place and while celebrities are the trend ...

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Celebs Who Aren't Afraid To Flaunt Their Flaws - Kate Bosworth

15 Famous Celebs Who Aren’t Afraid To Flaunt Their Flaws

Think all superstars and A-listers are perfect? Think again! Some try to hide their weird ...

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Will Ferrell and Chad Smith

25 Sets Of Celebs We Can Never Tell Apart

Time has proven to us that diversity is not necessarily one of Hollywood’s strong points. ...

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