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23 Incredible Celebrity Transformations

Renee Zellweger

The entertainment industry is a daunting and stressful place and while celebrities are the trend setters of the world, they’re also pressured to live up the those trends and expectations, but things don’t always work out. For whatever reasons, these 15 celebs have had their major ups and downs. Here are they’re shocking transformations!

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7 Celebrities Who Are Obsessed With Health And Fitness

jessica biel beach

It’s easy to believe that celebrity A-listers and top stars are all just naturally born with the perfect teeth, hair, looks and physiques. But the fact is celebs have to work hard to keep up their appearances, just like everyone else. Here are 7 of the most health-conscious celebrity fitness freaks around today!

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10 Top Celebrity Weight-Loss Programs


Beyonce & Jay-Z – #22daysvegan A few years ago, the beautiful Queen B introduced the world to the Master Cleanse, an all-liquid diet that included lemon and cayenne pepper water. Now Beyonce and her boo are taking a 22-day foray into the vegan world in their latest effort to keep fit and healthy.

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