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Top 10 Most Famous Celebrity Pets

There are millions of pet owners across the United States who own all kinds of animals from golden retrievers and tabby cats to bearded dragons and miniature horses. Celebrities are no exception and some have even created their own menageries full of weird and exotic critters. Read on to find out about these A-list celebrities and their famous fur babies!


10. Honky and Tonky – pets of Reese Witherspoon

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Perhaps in part due to her Southern upbringing, Reese Witherspoon has build up her own little petting zoo full of furry, fuzzy and feathered friends. The “Walk the Line” (2005) actress currently owns pigs, goats, chickens, dogs and her two most recent additions to the family, Honky and Tonky the miniature donkeys. This country clan lives in Los Angeles, California, not quite the kind of place you’d expect to find these farm animal friends.

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